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I've spent over a decade making broadcast documentaries, music videos, short films and branded content for networks and outlets including the BBC, Netflix, National Geographic, Disney, Red Bull, Channel 4, Discovery, Omeleto, and Channel 5.


I have a physics degree and a masters in science media production, so I am able to combine my love of arresting visuals and compelling narratives with the ability to simplify and humanise complex topics.

I'm London-based, but have relished working in incredible locations such as Tanzania, Egypt, Russia, USA, Mongolia, Micronesia, Australia and many others. Everywhere from air-conditioned Burbank studios to tropical jungles and the frozen tundra.


I once drank a mind-altering substance with the king of a small Pacific island to gain filming access to a haunted city.

If you need a director, series producer, PD, dev exec, or edit producer for your next project - I'd love to hear from you:

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