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A great video makes a great track even better.

ITHACA - They Fear Us

Role: Director, Producer, Editor

Video for the lead single and title track from ITHACA's 2022 album They Fear Us (Hassle Records) - Kerrang!'s #2 album of the year. 

Featured in Metal Hammer's "Ten Best Videos of 2022".


ALI WARREN - Head Over Heart

Role: Director, Producer, Editor

Video for indie-folk singer/songwriter Ali Warren's poignant ode to lost youth.


ITHACA - Camera Eats First

Role: Director, Producer, Editor

The second video from They Fear Us (Hassle Records, 2022), shot on digital and Super8 film, is an homage to Scorsese's 'The Big Shave' (1967).


FLAMEBEARER - Tears of Angels

Role: Director, Producer, Editor

Promo/rehearsal video for stoner metal band Flamebearer for the release of their EP Fire On the Horizon (2022).


ITHACA - Impulse Crush

Role: Director, Producer, Editor

Video for Impulse Crush from ITHACA's 2019 album The Language of Injury (Holy Roar Records).

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